Why do I need a website / blog?

I will be honest. I do not need a website and I don’t usually have the time energy and the patience to update a blog. The only reason I have this domain is because years ago, USA.net had begun charging for its service and I didn’t want to give out my hotmail.com free address to people. An email address mapped to my domain appeared slightly more professional!

Now that I had the domain for almost a decade, a lot of people asked me why the website didn’t open. I tried explaining that the email address didn’t have anything to do with the website. Most of these people would then ask me if I had a proper email address like one on yahoo.com or hotmail.com!

So basically the need for a website arose out of the need to convince people that this domain was real and there was a working website so their emails wouldn’t get lost in cyberspace. I have changed the subject of this blog at multiple occasions but as I said, the purpose was more to have an active website than an active dialogue.

This time I am hoping that I won’t have to move the services anywhere and I will have this as an active website with meaningful content for a long period of time. As I mentioned in the last post, I am consolidating all internet properties with one service provider so that the renewal and management is via one single console. That should save me the trouble of reinstalling WordPress every time things renew, making me lose all posts.